NANLITE Forza 500 Led Light


De Nanlite Forza 500 hoort in de categorie van de highpower producten.

1.081,82 excl. BTW


Deze 500 watt LED continue light is uit te voeren met de meegeleverde brightcap met reflector die het licht nog briljanter maakt.
De output is een whopping 63.300 lux op 1 meter met de reflector.
Uitvoering in Daylight CRI > 95 en TLCI> 95.
Dimbaar en en in een fraaie transport tas.
Ultralichte COB leds.
Geschikt voor studio of locatie shoots.

Wat wordt erbij geleverd:
– Forza 500 lamp head
– Bowens mount Bowl reflector as show on picture
– Voeding met clamp
– Power cables

Extra (not included)
– Softbox
– Egg crate
– Light stand

For brightness that has to be seen to be believed, the NanLite Forza 500 offers truly incredible power for its size. The single 500W COB LED bulb produces up to 66300 Lux using the included reflector, and has an accurate daylight fixed colour temperature of 5600K (TLCI 95, CRI 95). The light beam can be intensified even further using the optional Fresnel lens attachment (not included). This light weighs just 2.6kg and measures 309mm on its longest side, with a body constructed of durable carbon fibre.

The Forza 500 produces soft light that is flattering for studio shoots, and bright enough for both photography and video. For film-makers, this light also features a number of special effects, including lightning storm, camera flash, TV and faulty bulb. The ultra-quiet fan makes this light ideal for even the most sound-sensitive situations.


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